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I’ve often said that living life without goals is like driving cross-country without a GPS or roadmap—you may eventually reach your destination, or you may not. And how much easier would it be to get to where you want to go with some guidance? Without a clear destination in mind, who knows where you could end up. The challenge today is that goals, dreams, missions and visions have all become a jumbled mess of ideas that we know are important yet oftentimes, we put them on the back burner waiting for a new year, a new month or a new week to begin. Why? Well, for most of us, it’s because creating a goal is one thing, and going after it day after day is another.

The time is now. Not next month, not on Monday. NOW. Here’s why.

1. Your WHY is dependent on it.

A wise mentor of mine once told me, “HOW is none of your business. Focus solely on your WHY.” Why is this goal important to you? What will it mean to you when you achieve it? How will you feel as a result of your attainment of this goal? If you don’t have a clear answer to these questions and if you can’t see it and feel it at a visceral level, then stop right here and get in touch with yourself to figure it out. Yes, it’s THAT important. Your goal has to mean something to you. It needs to be so big, so crucial, so worth it, that it drives you every hour of every day—even when you feel tired, frustrated and like you simply want to quit. Once your WHY is truly solidified, it’s time to set the course.

2. You need a path.

Living life like with no goals becomes a waste of the precious time we have been given on this planet. Goals are not etched in stone, they are the end result of where you want to be. However the beauty in goal-setting, or goal-getting as I prefer to refer to it, is that the path on how to get there is up to you. And oftentimes, the path changes and shifts and changes once more … and that’s okay. And sometimes, the goal may change, too. That’s part of the process. Do your best to lay the path out and trust your numbers and your gut to guide you. And remember, the path is your guide but ultimately things will happen that may take you on a detour, and that detour is simply a part of the journey. Trust the process.

3. Nothing happens overnight, or on its own.

We are an instantaneous society whose appetite for results needs to be satiated—yesterday. That’s not how goals and success and achievement work. Every “overnight success” we hear about or read about had trials, tribulations and blood, sweat and tears that we didn’t see or even know about. I promise you though that they had all them, often. The highs, the lows, the hamster wheel of chaos—they’ve all experienced them and so will you. So what’s the difference between successful people and those who never fulfill those goals and dreams? They focus on the “long term” and their perseverance to not stop until they get there. That is exactly why your WHY and your path are so crucial. They will be the two things that bring you focus among the craziness of big achievement.

4. Life can be a total bi***.

Let’s face it. Life can throw things at us that we never saw coming. Without a goal, a plan, a mission moving us forward, it’s easy to become derailed and wonder, “why me?” When we have a greater purpose driving us, the downs in life become part of the story—the plot twist, if you will. We may become disoriented, or disappointed, but we won’t become derailed. That’s the beauty of goals. We have meaning and importance and something bigger than us driving us to where we ultimately want to be. When the lows hit we can focus on our anchor of WHY and get back on track. Boom.

5. You will see how far you have come.

While the destination is important, it’s the journey that matters most. Without goals, it’s hard to see how far we have come; it’s hard to see the fruits of our labor when our head is down and focused on the end result. The reality is, the joy is in the journey. It’s not about what you achieve, but rather who you become along the way. So setting and getting the goal is important, absolutely, but the growth, the mental fortitude, the strength, resilience and confidence you gain along the way? Priceless. The small victories and taking time to celebrate the milestones along the way are imperative, so set those goals now so you can realize the magnitude of your brilliance. It’s all within you, and it always has been. Now stop reading this and GO DO IT!

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