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Nominate your teen for a scholarship to attend a summer weekend leadership program hosted by U & Improved Leadership Foundation, a local nonprofit. “Our teens need our support now more than ever,” said Founder and CEO Jodi Low.   “To be inspired, gain leadership skills and know that others believe in them is monumental in their development. We have seen firsthand each year how not just life- … changing but life-saving this class can be.” According to U & Improved, 95% of teens confess to feeling inferior at some point in their lives, and 90% admit to carrying emotional scars. Using the same training practiced in their award-winning adult classes, “U the Teen Leader” is a weekend-long class that aims to teach confidence and help teenagers have a better plan … The class is for ages 14 to 18, and is nothing like what teens would take in school. It offers hands-on and challenging training to build confidence, teamwork, compassion, trust, honesty and the importance of asking for and receiving help from others, with the goal of creating future leaders. “U & Improved Leadership Foundation empowers tomorrow’s leaders to face challenges and opportunities with confidence and gives them the tools to make decisions that positively impact their future,” Low said. Read More >