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Identify the warrior inside of you, challenge your inner strength and experience trust and teamwork in ways you never thought possible.

Everyone has an inner warrior—a voice inside that says you deserve more success, passion and joy in your life. Buckle up! This challenging and rewarding class picks up where you left off in U THE LEADER to build on your knowledge and experience while unleashing your inner warrior.

During this two-and-a-half day class, you will have the opportunity to reverse engineer your life to create the future you are truly passionate about living. Through processes that take place both in the classroom and outdoors, you will challenge yourself to attain heights never thought possible. Every person is part of every process. Every graduate of this class will tell you that life doesn’t just happen, we contribute to it. The decisions we make “to do more and have more” is keenly affected by our thoughts and beliefs. Expand your thoughts and beliefs and create your legacy.

What’s in it for U?

  • Experience trust and teamwork in a hands-on, powerful way
  • Develop a sense of strength and resiliency to guide you through challenges
  • Create a road map for your life
  • Develop a plan of action for your business and your life
  • Be the leader others aspire to be

Graduates of U THE WARRIOR emerge with a compass for their business and life that they will use every day.

Tuition includes a one-night stay at our training base in Prescott, Arizona and select meals and snacks. Our small, intimate class sizes make seating limited and highly desirable. Classes sell out quickly so register today to create the success in your life you want and get ready to soar to new heights.

This class is open to U THE LEADER graduates only.

Tuition: $2,695*

*Payment options available

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Our Guarantee

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“I learned that fear should never be the reason to avoid something! Each of these experiences was life-changing and has had a lasting impact on me personally and professionally.”
~Rodney Allen Muehlfeld, VP, Digital Product Management