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Our mission is to provide the most innovative, sustainable and purposeful leadership development training available to individuals and companies committed to growth. We help our clients improve internal collaboration and communication in a way that unites heart and minds and results in loyalty, trust and a culture of coaction where every person feels valued and contributes as a leader.


Unabashed passion. We are fueled by a burning passion to improve the lives of others. We’re inspired to do what we do every day because we believe in the power of our training to improve lives, to improve the culture of companies and to be the ripple in the pond to make this world a better place.

Sensible science. We believe in the science of the brain. We base our training on an understanding of how the brain processes new information to power connections and positive change. While we advocate reading leadership and self-improvement books, we also know that active practice through experiential training is the quickest way to rewiring old, unsuccessful habits and mindsets. Science is cool that way.

Earned trust. Underlying everything we do is earnest integrity. Our team is driven to build your confidence in us through honest, timely and authentic communication. While our trainers are among the most talented and experienced in the nation, they are the best at what they do because integrity is at their core. They listen. They respond with thoughtful candor. They respect every student at every level. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Constant curiosity. We believe that personal and professional development is a lifelong endeavor. We don’t stop learning, absorbing new information and creating new programs that speak to the changing times. We believe in innovation and building on what we offer to create sustainability and a growth mindset.

Community unity. Our team, our trainers and our graduates are all family to us. We foster this spirit through social and community events and online sharing because we have a shared language and respect for humanity that extends beyond race, religion, gender and income level. We believe we are all one.

Above all, love. Yes, we said it. Love, kindness and respect for our fellow men and women drive everything we do. We weave humanity into every training model, every process and every interaction.