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Sales Professional
Power Promotions LLC

“Since I started my journey with U & Improved in 2012, my life has forever been impacted in the most amazing ways. I take the lessons I learned and apply them daily. I am a better listener. I am very aware of my impact on other people’s lives—business and personal. I am accountable for all of my actions and how I show up for the people in my life. All of the classes are such a wonderful complement to each other. Professionally, I’ve had the blessing to be able to send entire management teams through the program and watch as folks band together, digging deep, and living their best lives as well as flourish in their professional and personal lives. I’ve watched my bottom line grow expediently in my business ventures, as well as my relationships change and grow. I highly recommend that you invest in yourself, in your teams and do it now. Everyone has greatness in them, sometimes we just need the right environment to tap into that and believe in really how deep we can dig.”


Business Owner
Licensed Massage Therapist

“The changes in my life that I have experienced since participating in U & Improved are simply phenomenal. I have found my voice and the confidence to express myself. I am now putting into action all those things I said that I would always do, but never seemed to accomplish before. I have stopped over-extending myself and started valuing myself. Consequently, my family life is amazing, my relationships are stronger and my business is booming. I am truly grateful for the training that U & Improved offers, and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who is ready to take their lives to the next level.”


Associate Broker/Realtor
HomeSmart, Elite Group

“Since being introduced to U & Improved, my life has been forever changed for the better. I started with the workshops and then progressed to the two-and-a-half day programs. I have experienced major life changes and U&I was with me all along the way. I am a more confident woman who knows how to communicate effectively with adults as well as my children. My conviction in business has resulted in great success and my production is better than ever! I clearly see my dream for my life, both personally and professionally. Thank you U&I! ”
Jeremy Kraut-Ordover


Chief Development Officer
Muscular Dystrophy Association

“I look at it like this: the most elite athletes surround themselves with great coaches. U & Improved, through experiential learning, provides an Olympic training center for elite leaders. Coaches don’t put anything into their teams that isn’t already there—they bring out their best. Through my experiences in each of the four intensive U & Improved classes, I had the opportunity to hone my skills to a level I wouldn’t have dreamed possible. Since starting with U&I, I’ve gone from being an individual contributor within a local context to leading a national team of more than 100 professionals tackling some of the world’s most pressing needs for people with neuromuscular diseases, including Muscular Dystrophy and ALS. U&I helped me learn more about my ability to lead with heart, dream big and inspire others to see possibility. I’m able to communicate with authenticity and candor in challenging environments and across cultural barriers. I help drive toward win-win answers in times of conflict. Most importantly, I bring these skills into my life and am a better son, friend and partner. Everyone in my life knows the authentic ‘JKO’ and knows I am fully present and engaged with them.”


VP, Fulfillment & Closing Support Site Leader
Wells Fargo Home Equity

“I’ve experienced U the Leader, U the Communicator and U the Warrior in that order. I can honestly say that what I learned from all of these classes has made me a better leader, husband, friend and family member. I now have the tools to stay motivated, to motivate and inspire others, and to lift others up. At home, I listen more and ask questions. At work, I do the same plus I have the confidence to challenge conventional wisdom, encourage others to explore alternatives and push others (and myself) outside of their comfort zone—that’s where the growth happens! I learned that fear should never be the reason to avoid something! Each of these experiences was life-changing and has had a lasting impact on me personally and professionally.”


Senior Vice President
Cizek Associates, Inc.

“As a product of continuous leadership training and assessment over my career, I walked into U & Improved’s U the Leader class with the expectation that I would get a similar experience as other leadership seminars. I was disturbed and pleasantly surprised all at the same time. Disruption was just what I needed—U & Improved uniquely allows individuals to get just what they need out of the experience and it is different for every person. I became a Master Graduate and Samurai all in 2014 because I was so impressed with the experiential training and the results that followed. For me, this was a cumulative effect. When I look back, my life is monumentally moved in my business in terms of direction and success and confidence as well as my relationships with my children and other family, and my intimate relationship. U & Improved has tapped the sleeping power that I had within.”


Price Kong CPAs

“U the Leader was such a moving experience for me, and I left wanting it for my entire professional team. My thought was that if everyone on my team was coming from the same positive mindset and moving in the same direction, we would accomplish great things. And that’s exactly what is happening. Our firm is committed to sending our entire 40+ team through Leader and as we have more and more graduates, I am already seeing the results. All members of my direct team are now U the Leader graduates, and they all call each other out on using limiting, powerless words. The enthusiasm and excitement continues to build within the team, even when the work seems unsurmountable. I continually hear the word ‘team’ used more and more, and everyone is extremely supportive of each other. It is amazing how a shift in attitude can make huge changes in the corporate culture. I can already see the benefits and am excited to see what we will accomplish when the entire firm has the same enthusiasm and drive.”


Senior Emergency Management Program Coordinator
Orange County Sheriff’s Department

“The takeaways from the U & Improved classes are incredibly useful to me on a daily basis. One recent example happened after I completed U the Communicator. Shortly after completing the class, I attended a media relations refresher course and was re-introduced to material on empathy—material that was not new to me and truthfully, I had been resistant to before. Armed with my new listening skills, I finally HEARD this information, rather than presume that it didn’t apply to my ‘special’ line of work. These were principles that we covered in U The Communicator—from how the brain processes information to the absolute need for empathy. This class drastically changed how I communicate with the media and public during emergencies. It’s amazing that in one short weekend, I was given the tools to grow significantly in my ability to listen, see where other people are coming from, and present information in a way others can see, hear or feel it. I loved U the Communicator. I loved U the Leader and am proud to be part of the change in my world today. Thank you for inspiring me to be better every day!”


Director of Development & Communication Faculty
Scottsdale Community College

“Before I started my U & Improved journey in 2012, I was a lazy passenger in life. Now, after becoming a Master Graduate and Samurai, I wake up every day and make a conscious choice to live ALL IN. Whether I’m spending time with the love of my life, my dog, my family, friends, coworkers or students, I choose to be grateful for every moment and fully engaged and 100% present. As a college professor and communications professional, these classes have inspired me to ‘walk the talk.’ I live my training on a daily basis. And not just during the good times. My U & Improved training shines during the difficult times. Life doesn’t get magically easier and bumps in the road happen. It’s how I respond that has dramatically changed. The training has given me a framework of tools to respond and reshape outcomes in a positive direction. The experiential training, the expert trainers and the challenges and rewards that these classes provide have inspired me to financially sponsor both an adult and a teen student. Why? U & Improved shined a light on the path to my best self, and I want others to live to their full potential too!”


Serendipit Consulting

“U & Improved was not only an amazing program for me to go through personally, it has also been one of the best decisions we have made to invest in for our employees. The staff members we have sent through U the Leader so far have become shining stars in our organization. Each one of them has come back with so much renewed energy, confidence and overall enthusiasm to reach and exceed their individual personal goals and the goals of our company. We can’t wait to send more employees through U the Leader and the rest of the U & Improved programs as well!”