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Congratulations on deciding you want to advance your leadership and communication skills! You’ve taken the big first step. Your next step is deciding where. And we know that you have many choices.

Why U & Improved? As an organization, we are dedicated to you as a whole person and giving you the real-life tools and knowledge to improve all areas of your life—at work and at home. We are not the typical leadership training organization in that we don’t just train; we develop powerful, purpose-driven individuals.

As a result of our classes, you will improve productivity and performance through each class core competency and elevate your leadership and communication skills in every aspect of your life. We believe these classes are not just a stand-alone event and we focus on creating lasting improvements.




  • Delivering a deeper business application in our training: Through our unique hands-on activities and processes, our performance-based classes enable immediate application to real-life business situations. We believe that when you develop and improve the individual, you improve the entire team. We give you the tools to take what you learned in the classroom straight into your workplace.
  • Keeping our class sizes small to allow for more individual trainer and student interaction and feedback: In each class, you will focus on tangible, specific takeaways that can be implemented in your professional and personal life—immediately. The diversity of the individuals in each class is what makes the learning so applicable.
  • Hiring only the best trainers in the corporate training and personal development industry: Our lead trainers have been with us from the inception of U & Improved and continue to lead the charge in delivering the highest quality training available. We know our trainers and our award-winning training is the best of its kind.
  • Maintaining sustainability as a key component of our leadership training: Class takeaways are anchored in with individual and team follow-up coaching. This is part of our training and requires no additional cost. This is unheard of in the training industry. We are unique in our philosophies and we want this training to last our students a lifetime.
  • Heightening your experience with access to a community of U & Improved graduates: At the completion of your training, you will be invited to be part of a private online group to share your experiences and enhance your communication. Our community of like-minded leaders is unlike anything you have experienced and the U&I graduates often refer to it as the most supportive “family” they have ever had.
  • Backing our classes with a money-back guarantee. We know training will make a lasting impression and impact in your life, and we stand behind it.

If passion and purpose is your goal, U & Improved is for U.
Contact us today to reserve your spot in the next class!