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In honor of Gina and the many lives she touched and all that she gave to shape U the Communicator into what it is today, we are awarding someone “The Gina Jonas ‘PLAY BIG’ Honorary Seat” in ALL future U the Communicator classes.

This seat will go to someone nominated by a friend, family member or colleague who believes the nominated individual is deserving of this incredible gift. The recipient will be chosen by a wise panel of Samurai. We have kept it simple. Who, in your life, deserves this gift? Send us an email at team@uimproved.wpengine.com with his or her name, email, phone and a paragraph explaining why you think this person deserves this seat, and we’ll go from there. Please be sure the individual will be available for the class in which you are nominating them before sending your nomination.

Nominations will be welcomed until 3 weeks prior to each class. All are welcome to nominate, you do not need to be a U the Communicator graduate. We look forward to receiving your nominations!