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We frequently get asked why leadership training is such an important part of the modern workplace. The hardest part about answering this question for our team is keeping the answer short! If you’ve participated in any of our classes you understand the way your time in the class has impacted you. Now, imagine what that would be like if everyone on your team had an experience like that? Total transformation! Yet, the picture of leadership in the modern workplace when it comes to individual empowerment, fulfillment, performance, and success is decidedly mixed.

It all starts with workplace culture and according to a recent study, only 21% of 600 senior leaders said that their corporate culture is excellent! What does that mean for the other 79%? There’s room for improvement!

Company culture is one of the truest reflections of how employees see themselves as a part of the team, so an inclusive and empowering culture is essential. Leadership supports culture in providing a strong understanding of mission and values, which helps create the foundation of a positive workplace environment. As we find more professionals investing in leadership training and development, we will find powerful purpose-driven individuals who can work together towards a common goal.


Organizations with successful leadership-development programs were eight times more likely to have focused on leadership behavior that executives believed were critical drivers of business performance than those with unsuccessful ones. When organizations work to develop your skills in a way that improve all aspects of your life you will see results. By gathering long lasting tools and knowledge, you will find your ability to lead others through effective and skillful communication improves your overall productivity.

Furthermore, the data shows that leadership development is a critical part of attracting and retaining top tier young talent.

A big part of this issue is again company culture, as these employees are lacking a supportive team they find themselves not motivated. When motivation is lacking it’s difficult to stick around and that’s why leadership and professional development are a key element in fostering positive company culture.


Taking the initiative to incorporate leadership training and professional development is critical to keeping your business on track for success. Investing in these services will improve your company culture to keep your employees satisfied and support the achievement of your goals.