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Booming thunder, rally cries and battles fought and valiantly won … this is about all that I can share with you about last weekend’s second ever U the Samurai class. Each process in this class is created for students to walk the path of a Samurai and we keep them confidential for several reasons but mainly because I truly can’t wait for each and every one of you to walk through them with the wonder and amazement that our graduates experienced. What I can say is that I witnessed 15 passionate people transform from warrior to Samurai during a weekend that transformed me too. If you know any of our Samurai grads, ask them about what they learned! You’ll be amazed at their responses (and don’t be surprised if they can’t quite articulate them yet, just notice the wonder in their eyes … it says it all). Oh, and in other good news, I was able to slip out of the class at one point and meet with the folks at Chapel Rock to plan out next year’s schedule. It’s really an exciting time of growth for U & Improved. I thank you all for being a part of it!