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Did you feel the earth shimmy ever so slightly last Sunday? No, it wasn’t an earthquake. It was a room packed with passionate, enthusiastic people welcoming a new round of Leaders including our FIRST EVER U the Teen Leader class! I’m telling you that the walls of that Scottsdale ballroom were shaking with the most incredible energy! I seriously get goosebumps just thinking about it. These comments from our audience and graduates alike say it all:

If the electricity in that room could be harnessed we’d have energy to power Phoenix for a year! My voice was shot when I went to work at 4pm from screaming and cheering. All those graduates are amazing….truly. U&I Teen Leader is about to redefine what it means to be a powerful force of positive change as young people.” – David Sosna, U the Leader and U the Communicator graduate

That Graduation was without question the most amazing emotional experience in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud to have been aligned with the first U the Teen Leaders group. It was so much fun to share this experience with them as both groups individuals experienced monumental growth. Thanks to all of U for allowing me to come into your lives! I am feeling so blessed.” – Robert Clang, new U the Leader graduate

Two of our generous graduates, Andrea Sturino and Michael Beedy of Carmichael Studios were kind enough to capture these scenes from Sunday’s event. Check out our Facebook page for photos! While my heart just bursts with the pride of a momma deer for our new teen grads, I realize we still have so much work to do to continue make a significant shift in our community and beyond. When is the next U the Teen?

Just as soon as we have 15 willing teen participants!

Will more Leader, Communicator, Warrior and Samurai classes be added to the roster? Heck, yes! The more people we can get in these classes, the larger of a shimmy we can make in our world!

Let’s make it happen—U and I—together!

Finally, remember we can’t produce these life-enhancing classes and workshops without U! Please continue to spread the word, ask us questions and get involved in any manner that you can.

Are you interested in enrolling your teen in the next U the Teen Leader? Contact us today and let’s make it happen!