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As we warmly welcomed another U the Leader graduating class to the family this weekend, I began to reflect back on all that they went through in just two short days. I watched these amazing individuals, who were all complete strangers on Friday night, become one powerful, indestructible team. I watched hearts open up and walls come down. I watched laughter and tears, and for many, the realization that life can be whatever we choose to make it, become a real, viable concept!

And along with that, I witnessed the shock and surprise of one of our most special alumni, Michelle Mason, be honored with the precious U & Improved “Heart of Leadership Award.” This is an award we give out quarterly to a Master Graduate who the alumni feel is the best and most shining example of a heart-based leader. And let me tell U, this leader not only deserved it but showed it off proudly as the reality of winning finally became real! I am certain there is no place in the country that experiences the magic that occurs when U bring a conscious community of like-minded individuals and businesses together, quite like how we do at each graduation.

The energy is electric and the passion is contagious! And the great news is…it never stops! This is only the beginning! Look out world, here we grow again!