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In a day and age where the pace is fast and the competition is fierce, it’s time to hone in on what matters most, and set yourself up for success for 2020 and beyond. Sure, there are the numbers we need to hit to keep the doors open and to thrive in the marketplace, but what about U…and the human capital…in this equation?

Here are what we deem to be the five most important goals for every busy professional, no matter their title or vertical of business, in 2020:

  1. Harmony 

We constantly hear about the importance of work/life balance, however when something is balanced it is no longer in motion, and for busy executives and entrepreneurs, our lives are in constant flux and motion. Instead of more balance this year, seek more harmony….within your home, within your workforce, between your business and personal life. Your attention will always be pulled in various directions, however breaking up with the idea of balance and embracing the idea of harmony, where two or more areas can meld beautifully together, is a much more actionable and attainable goal to strive toward.

  1. Growth

Businesses constantly seek bottom line growth, however personal and professional growth is just as important, if not more. Without continuously and consciously improving yourself and your team, you will flatline in all areas. Seek opportunities to stretch yourself and to take a good, honest look at yourself in the mirror. What’s working? What isn’t? And what can you do differently this year from last to achieve better results? Find the training and development programs that can help enrich your culture and bring out the very best in you and your people. Investing in yourself and your team will pay dividends for a lifetime.

  1. Focus

It’s easier than ever to get bombarded and overwhelmed by a trillion things that all need your attention…now. Make this the year that you get organized, say no to superfluous agenda items that aren’t “musts” and focus on what matters most…to you, to your team and to the longevity and success of the business. Spinning in overwhelm doesn’t do you or your company any good, so minimize the distractions and focus on what matters most. Taking time to clear the chatter and create clarity is key to your short term and longterm success.

  1. Read

Leaders are readers. What book is on your nightstand or Kindle right now? Is it something that will challenge you to think new thoughts, do something differently or take you to a new depth of understanding or knowledge? Read a book a month at a minimum and watch how broad your knowledge base becomes. Knowledge may bring power, however it is the knowledge plus the action behind it that truly drives results.

  1. Reflect

Pause. Contemplate. Wonder. Reflect. Take time in your hectic life to take moments to realize all that is around you…the people, the opportunities, the beauty,.. and practice gratitude. Numerous studies have proven the positive effects of gratitude on the health of people and their businesses, so if you truly want your best year yet, appreciate what you have, while working toward what you want. You, and those you love, care for, and work with, deserve it.

Now, how will you incorporate these into your day-to-day in the New Year?

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