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This simple phrase changed my life. I know, I know…it’s just a sentence. A little quote that U can tack up on a bulletin board. But no…it is SO much more than that to me.

U see, in October of 1999 I met a mentor who shared this little gem of wisdom with me, and it didn’t click immediately. It wasn’t until that same mentor encouraged me to read the book, “Think and Grow Rich” that the penny dropped and I finally understood. Let me backtrack for a moment…

I was 27 years old. I was building my career in advertising sales and was doing very well for myself. I was proud of my accomplishments yet while I was “doing well” I didn’t feel fulfilled. I had some reasonable success and had achieved some lofty goals, but I began to realize achievement and fulfillment were two very different things.

When I read “Think and Grow Rich” for the first time my mind expanded. I began to realize that the only thing stopping me from truly creating that fulfillment in my life, was me. And that’s when I decided I was meant to go it alone…I was meant to be an entrepreneur.

Have U ever had a lightbulb moment? An epiphany about where U are and where U want to be? Are U still searching for “what’s next” or what U truly want to be when U grow up?

If so, I encourage U to begin filling your mind with new ideas…new thoughts…new perspectives. Begin challenging what U do and have always done, what U think and have always thought. Our minds are the most remarkable and sophisticated computers out there, but it’s up to us to continually update and run the right software. So feed your mind. Read books about personal and professional development. Listen to podcasts from the titans in your industry. Invite a mentor, or someone who has done whatever it is U are looking to do, to lunch. These deposits will be the best investment U can ever make in yourself, and remember, U are your best asset. If U don’t invest in U…who will?