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Seven years. It’s hard for me to fathom. As I sit here reflecting on this past year, I find myself going back even further. Back to the very beginning. Back to the winter of 2008 when the inkling of an idea first formed in my mind. I remember thinking about what this company would look like. What would I name it? Would people like it? It felt exciting, and the daily rush of adrenaline kept me wanting to create more and more.

It started as a little dream … one that came during a time of desperation and devastation, and that little seed of a dream grew. What began as something so small, began to grow. And it became so much bigger. Bigger than that first little dream was, and bigger than I could have ever imagined. Back then I didn’t realize the thousands of lives we would touch through our classes and trainings. I had no idea the incredible individuals I would be blessed to meet and work with. I was unaware of the recognition this organization would receive for the work we did. And I certainly didn’t have a clue that one day, just a handful of years later, we would be making a massive impact in the lives of teenagers across the country.

Many years ago Martin Luther King so eloquently shared, “I have a dream.” And in my heart, I believe we all do. We each have a dream, or two or three, that sometimes come to fruition, and sometimes die with us, or within us. What I know is this: this is a time of celebration. Why? Because we are helping countless people across the nation achieve those dreams. Individuals and companies we have partnered with are hitting staggering sales numbers. Individuals are getting promotions and recognition for the leaders they have chosen to become.

And the greatest news? We are just getting started! We are only scratching the surface of all that lies ahead! The entrepreneurs whom we have yet to meet, the folks going through a transition in their lives who are looking to clarify their purpose, the thousands of companies around the nation, and the world, that will forever do business differently, and better, because of the work we do … each and every day.

It is because of our amazing alumni who share U & Improved with others, through their voices, their actions and their hearts, that we can continue to bring this training to the world. Not a day, NOT … A … DAY … goes by that I don’t take a moment to reflect and appreciate all of our alumni, partners, supporters and raving fans, without whom none of what we do is possible.

As 2015 quickly draws to a close and we embark on a new year, I am filled with joy and excitement, thinking about all that lies ahead. The great new people and organizations we will partner with, the new surprises we have to unveil, and all of the energy, passion and enthusiasm the world will feel because of the lives and heartstrings we touch. My wish for each of U is simply this: peace, love, joy and abundance … today, and everyday. From my heart to yours, and from the entire U & Improved team, warmest holiday wishes and may U make all of your dreams realities in the new year!

With love & gratitude,


Memorable Moments from 2015

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