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It’s easy to get swept up in the gratitude posts and messages that are bombarding social media and the internet at large this week. It’s this time of year that always makes me extra happy … because for a moment, albeit brief, our country, for the most part, takes a moment to pause and reflect, even if it’s for just a second. But why must it be so brief? Really, it doesn’t have to be a day or a week of thanks. Thankfulness and gratitude are truly and simply just a way of “being.” But “being” thankful is a choice, and an action. It’s as easy to take a moment today to pause for a minute and really appreciate all that U have … but it’s equally easy not to. What I know is this. It’s imperative to appreciate what U have while working toward what U really want. All of those hopes and dreams that live on “Someday Isle” are magnificent and important. But so is the now. So this Thanksgiving I invite U to start a new tradition. Give thanks. But not just for one day. Make it a daily practice…just like brushing your teeth. In fact, if it helps U remember, use the time while you’re brushing your teeth each morning and night to reflect on all that U are blessed with. It may sound silly but as this becomes second nature I know U too will realize the power of gratitude and all that it attracts. I’ll get the ball rolling and conclude with this… I am so incredibly grateful for U. Beyond my two most magnificent blessings, my daughters, I am grateful for U….the members of our U&Improved family who continually choose to live big, bold lives. I thank U for making yourselves and your families your biggest priorities and for being an active and engaged member of this community of leaders who choose to impact our world in a positive, loving way. Happiest Thanksgiving to each of U today, and everyday. Enjoy your next few days and realize the power U hold and how dramatically U can improve your life in so many ways, simply by saying “thanks.”