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Like many companies these days, we have moved from being 100% in-person to now being entirely virtual. All of our trainings – both for the individual or for businesses/teams – have moved online and we are also offering weekly 30-minute trainings at no cost in order to do our part in helping U all continue to succeed and remain positive during the days ahead.

Some days may be easier than others…we understand that. And sometimes, a reminder of the tools we have at our disposal, or an introduction to some new ones, can be the difference in how our day plays out. We get it firsthand and we are here to help.

Following are all of our current offerings until in-person classes can resume. For more information or pricing on any of the below options, email team@uimproved.wpengine.com or call us at 480.305.5665. We are here for U!

  • FREE 30-Minute “Lunch & Leadership” Trainings: Hosted Wednesdays at noon on Zoom. Get tips from Founder Jodi Low that will help U and your team stay positive, productive and profitable.
  • FREE Virtual Happy Hours: Held on Fridays at 4 p.m. – unwind with your favorite beverage and share how U are staying positive during these challenging times while learning best practices from others.
  • “Mindset Reset”: 90-minute one-on-one coaching session with Founder and Mindset Coach, Jodi Low, to help identify limiting beliefs, uncover solutions for moving forward and identify mental roadblocks for a “mental reset”. Call or email for scheduling and pricing.
  • “Mindset Mastery”: A series of 10 one-on-one coaching sessions to gain clarity on personal/professional goals, strategies customized to help U navigate toward desired outcomes, creation of a game plan to align mission and actions, and additional tools and resources for continued growth. Call or email for scheduling and pricing.
  • Collective Coaching: Our team coaching sessions are ideal for small groups or teams who are looking to set goals, align action items and improve their overall leadership dynamic. Please call or email for pricing and details.
  • Virtual Corporate Trainings: If U love our in-person Corporate Experiential Trainings, we are still here for U…virtually! If U are looking for support with Change Management, Communication & Collaboration, Productivity & Profitability or another area of leadership development, we are here to support U and your team. Call or email for pricing and to discuss available training topics and details.

Call us at 480.305.5665 to book your one-on-one session or team training today!