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How do U explain magic? I don’t know either, but I do know I experienced it, in the most humbling and powerful way. It happened as 14 Warriors embarked on the pinnacle experience of U & Improved. It happened as I watched these Warriors become Samurai. There are certain experiences in life that defy words. This was one such experience. So why am I writing about it? Because I don’t know how else I can possible convey the magic … the depth … the level of awareness that transpired for these amazing alumni and for us, the training team, as well. It was awe-inspiring and it was breath-taking. And it was humbling. If U ever have the opportunity, or more correctly stated, MAKE the opportunity to take yourself on a journey of human understanding and discovery like this…run to it. The truth is however, nothing like “U the Samurai” exists on the planet. I know this for a fact because I was a part of the birthing process of this amazing “4th child” of ours, and it was one of the proudest moments of my life seeing this baby of ours enter the world after 9 months of labor…and love. There is something that happens to U when U gain a global consciousness and understanding for humankind like we do in U the Samurai. It changes U. It makes U a better person. And it improves and impacts every fiber of your being. Bold words? Indeed. However they’re not mine. That’s how one of our inaugural Samurai described their profound life-changing experience. I invite U on a journey. A journey of self-discovery, of deeper compassion and understanding. I invite U to take that first step or continue on your journey with us. Why? Because it matters. Not just to U, but to everyone U love that U surround yourself with each day. Living big takes work, and the great news? We’re on this journey together…every step of the way. And when U wobble or get off course, and U inevitably will, the even better news?? U have an army of supportive, like-minded Leaders there to pick U up and dust U off and remind U that U have everything U need right inside. U just need to remember to trust the process….