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It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that I proudly announce the inaugural “U The Leader: Young Adult” class, premiering May 31-June 2, 2013!

There is already a tremendous buzz about this class, because those of us that have experienced U & Improved’s “U the Leader” class KNOW the power and magnitude of the learning…the depth and applicability of the tools we obtained.

So why a “Young Adult” version of “U the Leader”?

It’s quite simple. At first I thought maybe it was just me who had wished I would have had the “U the Leader” experience in my late teens or early twenties…those years when I wondered what path I wanted to take with

my life…what I wanted to do, and who I wanted to become. But over the past few years, I have heard a countless number of our alumni echoing the same sentiments. I quickly realized NOW is the time.

“U The Leader: Young Adult” will focus on essential leadership training for young adults giving them tools and skills to create their best life. Focus, clarity, enthusiasm and passion for life and what you do, are all areas that we tap into over this incredible two-and-a-half day experiential training journey.

For me, the question isn’t “why?”…the question is “why NOT?” WHY NOT give our young people all of the life skills possible to give them the greatest advantage possible to succeed in all areas of their lives…both personally and professionally?

Additionally, I have been taking a long, hard look at the world around us. And what I have seen and heard is alarming. Teen and young adult suicide rates are frighteningly high today. With more pressure and responsibility being felt at a younger age than ever, our young people are taking their own lives and committing violent acts against others at an unheard of rate. With focused attention on creating a game plan for their lives, many of these fears, doubts and inadequacies our young people face, could be eliminated!

I created U & Improved because it is my moral obligation to share what has been shared with me. As a team and community of powerful, self-aware leaders, we CAN and we WILL make a difference in young lives around the country, and soon around the world. And THIS is just the start!

I know that I have the power to make an impact. I have the ability to help young people gain the confidence, the voice, and the power to develop into our bright young leaders of tomorrow. I have the ability to help shape lives and allow more and more young people to believe in, and more importantly, go after, their dreams.

Our training for young adults will go beyond a 3-day classroom experience! We will create a safe environment for these young graduates through online community, as well as U&I Interest Groups, where our young leaders can build relationships, make friendships and get support that they need!

Now is the time. U & Improved is the place. Join us in our mission to impact and improve the lives of our young adults…one leader at a time. Please welcome our newest addition to the “U & Improved” family of classes….”U The Leader: Young Adult”!

If you are 18-22, what challenges are you facing? If you are past that age, do you remember what challenges you were facing? Were you involved with any leadership organization?

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