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newuHappy New Year, Leaders…or rather…Happy New… U !

During these first few weeks of a brand new year, many of us resolve to make changes and adjustments in our lives…to “improve” something or other that has been in need of an adjustment.

And sometimes, oftentimes, change occurs on its own…sometimes unexpectedly, sometimes shockingly, but change that we don’t necessarily expect and sometimes just need to accept and embrace.

Whether it’s a major life event or a minor blip on the radar, change occurs to keep us on our toes, and keep us moving forward, so we may learn the lessons it has come to teach us.

As we continue to grow our U & Improved family moving in to 2013, we welcome and embrace the changes that have come our way because we know we are only “improving”!

We have a new, beautiful office (come visit us!), and a new name and logo, but we are the same dedicated team of individuals, with the same powerful outcomes to our trainings, that U know and love!

So during this month of new beginnings, I have a question for U to ask yourself. What are U committed to doing to make this year better….an improvement…to last year? Even if 2012 was an incredible year for U, there is always more we can learn, give, and achieve if we make the decision to do so. What is that for U?

Thirteen years ago, this month, in January of the new millennium, I made a bold commitment like this to myself. I made a vow to myself that each and every year I would invest in my own growth…I would expand my thoughts, my dreams, my outcomes…by developing myself into becoming MY very best. That month I registered for a series of personal development classes that forever impacted the way I viewed my life and the world at large. This was only the beginning though. I took more classes, more trainings…attended more seminars, read more books, listened to more CD’s and watched more DVDs. This was one of the most profound, most important and most spectacular decisions I have ever made. It was the catalyst to me going after my dreams…creating several successful businesses, training thousands of people globally, having a family…U name it. I charted out a vision for my life, and while very FEW things have unfolded as I had planned, the ACTUAL path that has unfolded has been much more challenging, and therefore, much richer and more valuable, because through the trials and tribulations I have learned more, grown more and become an all around better leader in EVERY area of my life.
So again I ask U…what are U committed to doing TODAY, to improve tomorrow? It all begins with a single decision. EVERY choice and decision we make impacts our future. Make 2013 YOUR year. Invest in yourself and reap the rewards that those of us that continually invest in ourselves already know….it’s the single BEST investment U will ever make, and the return U will receive will be beyond any price tag U could ever attach to it.

Along with our seminars and corporate training offerings, we offer to U….”U The Leader”, “U The Communicator” and “U The Warrior”…three of the most powerful, life-changing weekends U will ever experience. And yes, that’s a guarantee!

If U are ready, and truly committed, to improving “U” this year, than give us a call or email us today to do something about it. Leaders make quick decisions and leaders take action. I look forward to seeing U in class soon, because I KNOW what this will do for your career, your family, your community and most importantly, what it will do for U.

With all my love, gratitude and wishes for U to have your best year yet!