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Do you know how to give legitimate, helpful and insightful feedback? The kind of information that will empower and help another to see what you see, accept what you have said, reflect upon it and most importantly, learn from it?

Many of us lead in various areas of our lives. We lead a team at work, or perhaps we are the leader of our team at home—in our personal relationship and with our children. And what does a leader do when they see an obvious area for improvement? They give feedback. Or they say nothing at all. Both of which send a big message. But the majority of the time, most people don’t give OR receive feedback in a way that will be heard, appreciated and accepted. Oftentimes, simply by the words we choose and the way we deliver them, the opposite outcome of what we are looking to achieve becomes our unwelcome result, leaving us frustrated, angry and annoyed.

To improve on our feedback and coaching skills, we have to become better. It is through processes that challenge us to think differently, and bigger, that we can and DO become better, because we add new tools to our toolbox and sharpen the tools we already have. Processes, such as the ones we incorporate in our leadership training, give you hands-on practice on how to become better at giving effective feedback.

By leading with an empowering heart, both at work and at home, we can positively impact our most important communities and leave a lasting impression that can not only help shape the lives of others, but give wings to those that have been afraid to fly.

Looking to improve your feedback skills? Check out our U the Leader and U the Communicator classes and learn how to make an impact!