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Jodi Low is founder and CEO of U & Improved and an accomplished business coach and speaker. Driven by her passion to continually inspire others, Jodi has trained thousands of entrepreneurs and executives on how to build a booming business, master a mindset for success, and achieve the lifestyle they desire through heart-fueled leadership.

Where are U from? 

I was born in upstate New York (Binghamton) but moved to Arizona when I was 5 years old, so all of my real memories are from growing up here in Scottsdale.

What inspired U to start U & Improved?

I owned a couple of businesses with my ex-husband and we went through a very sudden and shocking divorce back in 2008 when our daughters were only 1 and 3 years old. I realized our businesses would be dissolved so I spent some time really focusing on my passion and purpose, and what I truly love to do, and where my gifts lie. The idea for U & Improved came in that moment. I love to serve and empower others to tap into their greatness and help to show them that they can do and be ANYTHING they want to be. I went back and got my Masters Certification in Business and Personal Coaching at that time and decided to create a business to help empower individuals and businesses to grow by leaps and bounds, both personally and professionally.

Who inspired U?

I have been a self-professed “personal achievement junkie” for the past 20 years. I have studied and learned from the best of the best, and what I knew was that I was going to create a company designed to deliver profound, life-changing results through my business. Beyond all of my personal development mentors (Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, to name just a few) my other personal mentor was my grandfather. He passed away when I was in my early 20’s, but we had a very unique and special connection, and his love for philosophy, quotes, thinking differently and living life from a perspective of compassion are all the qualities that he helped ingrain in me since I was a young child.

What is your favorite food?

CHOCOLATE! Is that really a food?! I LOVE sweets…desserts are my most favorite thing to eat…period. In terms of “real food” I love gnocchi and pasta or  a great filet mignon with a glass of Pinot Noir. J However, I eat a lot of salads, chicken and veggies … staying healthy is imperative to me. If I don’t take care of “me” I can’t give and do and be all that I need to be for all those I love and care about.

What is the first thing U think about in the morning and the first thing U think about before going to bed?

I wake up and think about what I am most grateful for, and what the day ahead holds for me, and what I will create. Before going to bed I do my best to clear my head and just relax, then envision all that I want to accomplish for my life and those I love and cherish. However, I am usually asleep in about 8 seconds of my head hitting the pillow! J

Who is Jodi Low?

A grateful woman who loves life, a dedicated loving mother, an enthusiastic motivator and entrepreneur, a good friend and a focused, driven passionate Warrior!

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