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Our lead trainer for U the Warrior and U the Samurai, Deno Paolini has a wildly infectious spirit that practically leaps from his heart when you meet him. A passionate and enthusiastic speaker with the unique ability to inspire others by drawing from his life experiences and interpersonal skills, Deno does a masterful job at creating an environment where students can go after their dreams in a bold, and powerful way. Here’s just a taste of his personality.

Where are U from?

I was born in Chicago, Illinois but I have lived in a number of states including California, Arizona, Alaska, Nevada and Texas. 

What inspired U to become a trainer for U & Improved?

I became involved with U & Improved because I was incredibly moved by Jodi Low’s creative talents and the opportunity to partner with she and other trainers, to create the most impactful and unique training on this planet.

Who inspired U?

I was originally introduced to my first class by a lady who’s name is April. April was the sales manager for a radio station and I was her client. Once I attended my first class, both of our businesses benefited and our friendship, lifelong!!! I have been forever grateful that she took a risk and nominated me.

What is your favorite food?

I do not have a favorite food.  Food is my favorite pastime. I exercise regularly so I can enjoy my food without feeling guilty. I can tell you that I love my food spicy.

What is the first thing U think about in the morning and the first thing U think about before going to bed?

I wake up in the morning and I do not begin thinking about tasks and projects. I wake up and begin my day with meditation. I find that meditation helps me prepare for a day that is often packed with “things to do” and “lists” to complete. I find that if I include in my day, meditation in the morning and exercise during the day, everything else simply gets done and I feel good at the end of the day.

Who is Deno Paolini?

A question that is not easily answered in a paragraph or a chapter. However, I can say that I am a person who loves deeply, embraces life, is energized by physical challenges my loves my quiet time.  Being a parent and grandparent is the most rewarding gift I could ever receive. My children have become my friends and my grandchild has become my mentor.


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