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Why set goals? We all spend endless hours and sleepless nights thinking about the life we have and the future we want.  I don’t know many people who wouldn’t want to change something about their current situation.  They may want to improve their personal relationships, their finances, move along their career path more quickly, or make a drastic change.  The first step to making those changes is to set some goals. There are many benefits to goal setting and my top three are these:

  1. Goals allow you to take control of your life. A goal is like a roadmap, giving you direction and a visual of the life you want.  It guides you in the right direction and helps you to avoid drastic missteps.  Once you achieve the goal, you become an improved version of yourself
  2. Goals allow you to focus on the most important things. Having a clearly defined goal in place gives helps you to prioritize your choices and your time, so that you can focus on what matters most to you.
  3. Goals build your self-confidence and flame your enthusiasm. There is almost not better boost to self-confidence than achieving a goal! No matter how large or small the victory, when you can measure a success or achievement, it makes you enthusiastic and gives you the confidence to up the ante again and again.

Why do you set goals? What benefits do you see in your life from setting goals? Comment below—we want to know!