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A graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in accounting and a minor in marketing, Deno’s achievements include the acquisition and transformation of several insolvent businesses into highly successful, team-oriented, results-directed, sales-driven, and thriving entities.

As a leadership trainer, Deno’s classroom instruction and facilitation have provided thousands of participants with the tools to change and improve their business cultures. His passion for interpersonal connections and his focus on the importance of a service-driven/sales-oriented outlook are the cornerstones of his teachings. Thousands of graduates of Deno’s leadership classes have returned to their businesses as improved leaders and role models. Through Deno’s training, their experience has empowered them to cultivate enthusiasm and raise awareness in their workplaces, and they have learned to exemplify a true passion for teamwork and the pursuit of client satisfaction.

As an owner of several businesses and as the chief operating officer of various organizations, Deno has developed hundreds of sales people and has been a turnaround agent for diverse companies. A passionate and enthusiastic speaker with the unique ability to inspire others by drawing from his life experiences and interpersonal skills, Deno is the advanced leadership trainer for U & Improved, and he does a masterful job at creating an environment where students can go after their dreams in a bold, and powerful way.