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Life is challenging. We board the rollercoaster of life as an infant not knowing what twists and turns lie ahead. Oftentimes we have adults to mentor and guide us along the way when we are young and then…something happens. There’s a shift.

For most of us, we unconsciously fall into the idea and belief system that we have to “go it alone”. We expect to know what to do, how to respond…to have all the answers. Ask for help? Nah, “I got this”.

The format is simple. The principles are powerful. The impact…everlasting.

As any world class athlete or highly successful business person will tell U, it’s simply impossible to succeed solely on your own. We ALL need and deserve a great coach and mentor to help guide us, challenge us and shape us into the best versions of ourselves. There is no need to “go it alone”. We must do this work…together.

We designed U vs. U to be that coach and mentor for U. To be that voice that challenges U to think bigger, and differently. U vs. U will be your personal guide throughout this journey…to teach U new ideas, new strategies and to give U powerful, razor-sharp tools to create the life U deserve.

This curriculum is designed to be accomplished in bite-sized, manageable chunks. No feelings of overwhelm, no feelings of guilt. In less than 30 minutes each week, the U vs. U program will help U unlock the future U have always wished for.


Are U ready? Then let’s begin.
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In the U vs. U program U will receive:

  • Weekly videos presented by Jodi Low, Founder & CEO of U & Improved
  • Corresponding weekly action guide to anchor in the learning and move U forward

Free Download: Action Guide #1

A bonus just for you – a sneak peek at our first action guide, “More & Less”. This exercise is designed to allow U to create a simple visual assessment of what U want more of, and less of, in your life. While this exercise is simple, it isn’t always easy. Are U up for it?